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Kaseberg To Appear On 'Oregon Art Beat'
Published: August 17. 2013

Cameron Kaseberg and teh creow of Oregon Art Beat

ARTIST CAMERON KASEBERG, right, poses with crew members of Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Art Beat during filming in Central Oregon. Crew members pictured from left, Ted Cutler, audio technician; Tom Shrider, videographer-editor, Katrina Sarson, co-host-producer. Contributed photo

REDMOND — It is said that Redmond artist Cameron Kaseberg, a native of Sherman County, is becoming known as the artist who has taken the solvent transfer process of image making further than any artist working today.

For Cameron, it’s simply an exploration of the process brought to prominence in the 1950s by Robert Rauschenberg. For Oregon Public Broadcasting’s (OPB) “Oregon Art Beat,” it was a unique process and story.

“During my studies at Portland State University I found myself in a drawing class. It turned out to be a drawing class where we didn’t actually draw anything,” says Cameron. “We explored all kinds of processes, solvent transfer being one. I was hooked.”

Cameron finished college and went to work in the museum and tradeshow exhibit industry. After many years in Portland, he found himself changing gears and managing the family’s irrigation business (Wheatacres Irrigation) in The Dalles. “It was a definite change,” he says. “I was not in the creative environment I was used to. Although I had been playing with the solvent transfer process ever since college, a new energy came and I began pushing it more.”

With that new energy came a turn in Cameron’s work and yet another shift in his career. His father retired, and after 11 years managing the irrigation store Cameron decided to return to his creative heart.

In 2008, Cameron saw a call to artists for a new art show in Bend, Art in the High Desert.

“I don’t know what possessed me to apply. I had never done an art festival and had been to only a handful,” Cameron said. “The interactions with other artists, the collectors and winning a Benchmark Award cemented my path.” Six years later, Cameron has become a veteran of art festivals up and down the west coast. He has moved to Central Oregon and become a part of the arts community serving on the Redmond Commission for Art in Public Places, the board of Art in the High Desert, and as a member of the High Desert Art League.

It was at the very first Art in the High Desert that Cameron met artists who had been featured on “Oregon Art Beat”.

“I was in awe,” he says. “It is a rare Oregon artist that does not dream of being featured on “Oregon Art Beat”, and at that festival it became mine, too” he adds. “Oregon Art Beat” is an Emmy award-winning weekly television series produced by OPB. It profiles artists of all genres, and suggests upcoming events in the Oregon community.

The “Oregon Art Beat” dream became reality for Cameron in May with an unexpected call from Katrina Sarson. A producer for “Oregon Art Beat,” Katrina had seen Cameron’s work on the Art in the High Desert website and was intrigued by the process. Within two weeks Katrina and the “Oregon Art Beat” crew arrived in Redmond to begin filming Cameron’s story.

“I was a nervous wreck,” he said, “but the moment they walked in the door all of my trepidation vanished. They were amazing,” He said.

Cameron returns to Art in the High Desert August 23, 24 and 25 with new work and the “Oregon Art Beat” crew. They will complete filming Cameron’s story as he sets up for and sells his work at Bend’s nationally ranked art show in the Old Mill District. The “Oregon Art Beat” episode will air this fall on OPB. Please visit the “Oregon Art Beat” website at for date and time.

In the Columbia Gorge, you can find his work at The Dalles Art Center and Westwind Frame and Gallery.

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